Report: 6 Goals by Galante as Falun crushes Mullsjö 13-4

In the first after the Champions Cup break, Falun took on Mullsjö AIS in JALAS Arena. Mullsjö were missing their captain David Gillek who was ruled out after a hamstring injury, as well as their hard-shooting Petter Van Keppel. Missing players in Falun were Jonas Adriansson due to a knee injury, and Simon Berg who sprained his ankle in a practice earlier this week. After a failry one-sided game Falun had defeated Mullsjö and held on to their league lead.

Falun showed their dominance early on and after 5 minutes Hassan Hajo initiated the goal scoring for Falun. 4 minutes later Alexander Hallén made it 2-0 in a quick counter-attack against a matchless Benjamin Löfdahl in the goal. Mullsjö’s first goal came in a powerplay, by Sebastian Palmqvist. With 5 minutes left of the first period Alexander Galante Carlström scored his first goal, this time in powerplay as well. Only minutes later he scored another one on penalty, giving Falun a 4-1 lead after 20 minutes.

Falun’s momentum continued on after the break and 2:44 Johannes Larsson extended their lead. Mullsjö had many chances to get back into the game after several 2 minutes penalties was handed out to Falun. But no goals were scored. Instead Galante scored his 3rd goal for the game after a great pass by Rasmus Enström. The goals kept coming for Falun and 17:12 Thomas Holmgren, not the most notorious goal scorer, made it 8-1, which lead to a goalkeeper exchange from Mullsjö before going on a break.

As in the first 2 periods, Falun kept on dominating the game. The first line with Galante on top played like they had a powerplay and before the game was over Galante had managed to score 3 more goals. Early on Henrik Olofsson could score the second goal for Mullsjö, only to be sent off with a red card minutes later. The last two goals were scored by Mullsjö, but little did that matter when Falun won 13-4.


Watch: Alexander Galante Carlström’s 6 Goals vs Mullsjö




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