Release of Unihoc’s new blade Sonic


Unihoc is releasing a new blade called Sonic on Friday the 27th of October. Their previous blades have followed thematic families with Player, Player+ and Replayer as well as Cavity and Unity and Sonic will now join Epic in their take on modernising floorball for generations to come. We had a few words with Unihoc’s product manager Johan Jihde about the design, details and overall qualities of Sonic and we’ll take you through everything you need to know.

Sonic weighs 79 grams in PE-plastic and will be released in black (medium) and white (hard) on three different sticks. The Composite F30, a junior model in 80, 87 and 92 cm with a total weight of 231 grams, has been designed to match the senior models in the way the Sonic-sticks will look for next season.

Sonic will also appear on a completely new version of their traditional Top Light 2 with 28-flex.

“We wanted to appeal to players who are currently playing with a 26- or 29-flex so that they can find a good in between and try out our new blade and not feel out of place with the flex they’re normally used to whilst increasing our range of shafts”.

The cherry on the cake is their latest shaft technology Miracle Light, this time in a more colourful take, which comes with a white (hard) Sonic.

“Sonic is a more modern blade with less pre-hook but at a more open angle designed to appeal to playmakers. Whilst it’s similar to previous playmaker-blades such as the Player-family, it’s been modernised to provide that extra reinforcement and ball-control which the younger generation will grow up with”.

It’s built on the same frame as Epic with similar bars to Replayer adjusted to fit Sonic’s concavity and pre-hook. A major improvement for the playmaker is where the bars meet the frame, a technology which can be found on Epic already. There’s a small gap between the bars and the frame which gives the advantage of the ball sticking to the blade when receiving, releasing and running with the ball.

The heel of the blade is reinforced with an additional thin layer of plastic, a nice design which gives it a unique look but also provides stiffness throughout for improved accuracy in shots.

Unihoc is yet to set a date for when the blade can be purchased separately and when it’ll be available in PP-plastic – which provides a softer feel – and more colours.

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