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Referee Rickard Wissman: “We are the 17th WFC team”

Rickard Wissman (Image: IFF)

Usually, the focus is on the teams and players – but not this time! What would a game be without the two referees? We spoke with Rickard Wissman, who’s currently been leading quite a few WFC games already. 

How were the first games? Did it meet up to your expectations?
Our first three games have been fantastic! Fast and full of energy, and with many spectators. Exactly how we hoped them to be and also a very good example of great floorball.

Watch – Wissman and Andersson are currently leading Slovakia – Singapore

What do you think of the WFC so far, and the organization?
We, my college Thomas Andersson and I, are really enjoying the WFC. We love the atmosphere in the arenas, both on an off the pitch. All the volunteers supporting the games are great and making it really easy for us referees to focus on our mission at the WFC. I think everything works perfectly!

Thomas Andersson

Have you been in touch with the other referee pairs a lot?
We spend almost all the time at the WFC with the other six referee pairs and referee observers. We referee our games, watch the other pairs and at night, we have a meeting focus on the team and our performances during the day. For us, it’s important to build a strong “17th team” in the tournament and use the opportunity to learn from each other.

“For us, it’s important to build a strong 17th team during the tournament.”

What game are you looking forward to most? Do you have certain specific goals, like making it to the final?
Of course, we hope to one day referee the finest game in the world and the tournament. But the nominations is something we cannot affect or control. Therefore, we focus on being as prepared we can be for every game, enjoy every moment of the WFC and then we will see how far that takes us.

Thomas Andersson (left) and Rickard Wissman

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