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RECORD: Storvreta’s Jesper Berggren has played 535 matches in the SSL and breaks record

Photo: Per Wiklund

Jesper Berggren has broken the record of most matches played in the history of the SSL with 535 games in Sweden’s highest league.

During their game against Jönköping, Storvreta’s icon Jesper Berggren broke the record of most games played in the history of the SSL. What’s more remarkable, all these games have been in Storvreta’s jersey!

To Storvreta News the merited former Swedish national team defender says: “I think it’s really cool and I have received good conditions from both Storvreta, my club, and my employer. There has never been any reason to change club. Now, in the end, we have had a strong team every year and it has been an honor to have been part of it this whole time.”

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