Recap EFT women’s tournament – Results and ranking

The last big practices before the World Floorball Championships are over as the Euro Floorball Tour has come to an end.

It’s no surprise to see Finland and (specifically) Sweden are the biggest favourites for the WFC, which stars in one month, but the gap between them and Czech Republic and Switzerland has only seemed to increase since two years ago. Sweden’s scoring capabilities and both their as Finland’s defending skills have brought them to first and second place. Here are all results, including the final ranking.

All results
Finland – Czech Republic 5-1
Sweden – Switzerland 10-1
Switzerland – Finland 2-7
Sweden – Czech Republic 13-5
Czech Republic – Switzerland 6-5 (ps)
Sweden – Finland 7-4

Sweden: 9 points, +20 (30-10)
Finland: 6 points, +6 (16-10)
Czech Republic: 2 points, -12 (11-23)
Switzerland: 1 point, -14 (8-22)

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