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Rasmus Enström: ”Måns Parsjö-Tegnér deserved to keep a clean sheet”

Photo: IFF

In the final game of day 3 at the WFC 2018, Sweden took a solid 9-1 win against their Scandinavian neighbor Norway. After the game, FloorballToday spoke to Rasmus Enström:

A somewhat comfortable 9-1 win vs Norway, what did the team do well today?
It was a bit like just another day at work. I think we opened strong and played as we should. They fell back quite a lot so it became a special type of game where we have most of the ball possession. We struggled at times but in the end, we did a decent game and won 9-1 against a good Norway that has several quality players.

What is there to improve?
I think we can be a little more greedy and take easier shots. Today we make it a bit too hard for ourselves. My line went 3-0 today but we burnt a lot of chances that I think we could’ve scored on.

3 points against Finland and another today. How’s your individual form?
I feel pretty good. With a little more luck on my side today, I could’ve probably scored another goal. I’m not disappointed with this game, but I’m not satisfied either.

Was there anyone in Sweden that stood out?
Albin Sjögren did a great game with both good defense and 2 goals on top of that. Next to that I think Måns Parsjö-Tegnér deserved to keep a clean sheet. To concede a goal with 4 seconds to go in your WFC debut isn’t, of course, a nice feeling. I granted him the clean sheet today.

Yesterday you had a day off, how did you spend the time?
We paid a visit to the Charles Bridge and had some coffee in the city, so it was a good time.

What’s your overall impression of WFC so far?
It’s a great city to organize the event in and they’ve done well with the marketing aspect. It’s fantastic that over 6000 spectators attended Singapore – Japan earlier today. It’s a step in the right direction, and hopefully, even more people will show up in the playoffs.

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