WFCQ 2018

Rasmus Enström: “It’s an honor to play for my country.”

Picture by Per Wiklund

Last night Sweden broke a record by defeating France with 43-1. Rasmus Enström took time to answer some of our questions.

Last night Sweden broke a record against France. What are your personal thoughts when you look at such a score?
The French team opened the game well and I was impressed by them in the beginning. But we played really well most of the time of the game and then the numbers of goals can be this large. My thoughts are that Sweden always wants to play our best floorball so the small countries in floorball will learn from the best teams.

What are your personal goals during this WFCQ?
I don’t have any special goals for this tournament. Take care of the younger guys and play my game.

You have been to countless tournaments representing Sweden. Does it ever get boring?
Its an honor to play for my country, so no its never boring.

There are many new faces in Sweden’s WFCQ line-up. Is there anyone specific you are happy to see?
There are many new faces. It’s fun for Alexander Hallén to make the debut for Sweden.

Unfortunately, your buddy Alexander Galante Carlström has not taken part in this WFCQ. Is it hard for you to adjust? And do you miss him?
It’s not hard, we have so many good players in Sweden. But of course, I have played with him for maybe 14 years, so we have a special connection on the court.

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