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PRODUCTS – Unihoc’s new shaft technology “Edge” explained


Unihoc presented a new shaft technology last week called “Edge”, a shaft meant to give you the extra kick you get from a curve-shaft and the accuracy and control from a straight shaft. How have they managed this?

The Unihoc Curve 1.0 Edge is comprised of both a curved shaft and a reinforced flat area on the backhand-side of the lower shaft i.e where the shaft curves. The part of the shaft which is curved has been decreased and positioned at the lower end of the shaft. Three parallel grooves run alongside the flat area and will, when pressed down as in the moment of a shot, go back to its original position quickly thereafter which causes a slingshot-like feeling when the ball is released. Because of the low positioning of the curve and the flat area, the majority of the stick is straight which is what improves stick handling and control.

The stick weighs in at 229 grams in 96 centimeters (raw shaft 110 g) with a shaft made of 95% carbon fiber and 5% glass fiber. The initial release comes in two designs, an Epic Edge Curve 1.0 26 Flex and a Unity Edge Curve 1.0 29 Flex.


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