Preview Swiss NLA Round 4: With already a decisive game

In Sweden the best teams of the world battle each other at the Champions Cup, but the national competitions don’t pause for a second. It’s time for round 4 of the Swiss NLA already!

Highlighted games

UHC Alligator Malans – Waldkirch-St. Gallen
Saturday 1 October 18.00 – Stream

What a start for Alligator Malans. Three games, two wins in regular time and one in overtime. Their secret? It’s the defense! The Alligators only had nine goals against in these three games. Waldkirch already won two games as well, so this might turn into a close game.

Kloten-Bülach Jets – Chur Unihockey
Saturday 1 October 18.00 – Stream

A close game between two teams from the middle regions, that’s what this match will be about, as the teams are ranking seventh (Chur) and eighth (Kloten-Bülach). Both teams played overtime twice already, winning one and losing one. One might expect an overtime again at this game, based on the statistics. Anyway, we’re hoping for many goals, as these teams are stronger offensively than defensively.

UHC Thun – UHC Uster
Saturday 1 October 19.00 – Stream

A dramatic start for UHC Thun, losing 3/3 games, with 28 goals against in total. Maybe their fourth game will provide them their first points, as UHC Uster will pay a visit. Uster lost its first game, lost its second game in overtime and won its third game – also in overtime. One could say the team’s growing into the season. However, Thun has the home advantage…

SV Wiler-Ersigen – HC Rychenberg Winterthur
Saturday 1 October 19.30 – Stream

Wiler-Ersigen vs. Rychenberg is actually #2 vs. #3. Winner of this game stays in the top region of the league, while the other team falls back a bit. Without a doubt this is FloorballToday’s Swiss Match of the Day. Please get yourself a second stream, so you can watch both the Champions Cup and this game!

UHC Grünenmatt – Tigers Langnau
Sunday 2 October 19.00 – Stream

There’s only one team doing worse than UHC Thun: UHC Grünenmatt. Zero points after three games, and so many goals against: 41. Tigers Langnau might want to start working on their goal difference, but that might just be what Grünenmatt needs: underestimation. Maybe they can surprise the Tigers, striking from their underdog situation.

Floorball Köniz – Grasshopper Club Zürich
Sunday 9 October 16.30 – Stream

This game is postponed to next week, as GC Zürich had different plans… the Champions Cup! Silver medalist Köniz had a rough start of the season, but without a doubt the team will get back in the higher half of the ranking. But to do so they will have to re-enact the finals of last year against the Grasshoppers, this time without their nemesis Kim Nilsson. Will they make it? We’ll have to wait a week to find out.

Swiss NLA round 2 (ranking)

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