Prague Floorball Cup for the first time – interview with Gerold Rachlinger, Women U19 Teammanager from Austria

Gerold Rachlinger, Women League Coordinator & U19 Teammanager of the Austrian Floorball Association, who comes to Prague Floorball Cup with his G02 team says: “Our main goal is to get better every single game and make a step forward with every game we play.”

Why have you decided to participate in the Prague Floorball Cup 2019?

The PFC seemed to us like a perfect test for the World Cup Qualification in September 2019. We have a new team and our young players need a lot of experience.

How do you see your chances in the competition?

Well, of course we know about the skills of the Austrian teams and Czech teams. Our main goal is to get better every single game and make a step forward with every game we play. We do not look at results at first case. The girls should have a good time in Prague and after the PFC we will talk about our performance.

Are you planning to enjoy some other activities in Prague beside the tournament itself?

Sure. Prague is such a beautiful city. I’ve been there a lot of times caused by some liga games of Sparta and Slavia. Or to watch the KHL game when LEV used to play there. We will take the team around the city center and show them a couple of things when we do not have games to play. 

How do you see the future of Austrian floorball?

Honestly, floorball is not on a popular level in Austria yet. We are working on that. We have to work more together with Czech and Swiss teams which are just next to the border. They can bring us to a higher level. I hope to meet a lot of coaches and team managers at PFC so that we can connect the Austrian federation better with the teams in the Czech Republic.

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