Prague Floorball Cup 2019 offered matches of the highest European quality

The third year of international youth floorball tournament Prague Floorball Cup hosted a record number of 185 teams from 6 European countries that played a total of 483 matches. Efforts of all players culminated in the thrilling finals, after which the winners of all 9 PFC categories raised the tournament trophy The Cup!

The quality of Prague Floorball Cup is getting higher every year. Play-off and final matches of PFC 2019 offered high-quality floorball with tight results. The atmosphere at the halls was cheering, fans were supporting their favorites during thrilling fights.

PFCmini, a part of Prague Floorball Cup for the youngest categories, also culminated with the award of the youngest players. The hall in Prague-HostivaĹ™ experienced really busy days full of children’s joy, enthusiasm for the game and team spirit.

Prague Floorball Cup is one of the fastest growing youth floorball tournament in Europe. The first weekend in January in Prague belongs to floorball with no doubt.

FloorballToday is a proud partner of the Prague Floorball Cup 2019!

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