The World Games

Poland team introduction The World Games – All you need to know!

Photo: IFF YouTube

The World Games 2017 is starting in just a couple of days. FloorballToday gives a brief overview of every team.

Group matches
27 July – Poland– Finland
28 July – Czech Republic- Poland

How far will Poland go?
Poland is the host country of The World Games and, as such, is the only team to skip the qualification track. With a 13th place finish at the World Championship of 2016 the team awaits an incredible task. To go through to the playoff round the players need to secure at least one win against current champions Finland or Czech Republic – who lost the bronze medal versus Switzerland. The opening game will be played on European prime time (Thursday at 8 pm) and a big audience is expected, cheering their players to a good result. Can the home team beat the odds and defeat Finland or Czech Republic? We will know in a few days.

3 players to watch

  • Wojciech Malajka  – Talented forward who had a big impact for his team during the U19 WFC
  • Mateusz Antoniak – One of Poland’s best players – definitely a player to watch.
  • Maciej Bogdanski/Maciej Jastrzebski – These goalkeepersr are a real asset for his team and will have a big role in The World Games 2017. Watch them here

Maciej Jastrzebski (KS Szarotka Nowy Targ)
Maciej Bogdanski (MUKS Zielonka)

Filip Lukaszewski (UKS Fenomen Babimost)
Michal Sienko (MUKS Zielonka)
Karol Pelczarski (UKS Wiatr Ludzmierz)
Mateusz Turwon (KS Gorale Nowy Targ)
Krystian Malasiewicz (TKKF Pionier Tychy)

Wojciech Malajka (FBC Ostrava) [one of the high impact players of the U19 WFC]
Piotr Kostela (KS Gorale Nowy Targ)
Mateusz Antoniak (MUKS Zielonka)
Maciej Sienko (MUKS Zielonka)
Alexander Dahlstrom (Molndals IBF)
Lukasz Chlebda (KS Szarotka Nowy Targ)
Jakub Lyskawa (Hvidovre Attack FC)

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