21 September 2019
WFC 2017

Poland rides out tremendous first period head start and defeat Germany in crucial group match

There was much at stake in the crucial group stage match between Poland and Germany. The loser would have to meet crowd favorite Slovakia in the eighth-finals while the winner would have to battle Estonia for a ticket to the quarter finals. Thanks to a great start – a 3 point lead in the first period –  Poland was able to secure the game. Without any more German goals, the score ended 5-0.

Poland started strongest in the first period in which both teams played with an intensity belonging to the WFC. Often quicker to the ball and cleverer in clashes, Poland was quickly able to take a solid lead by three points.

In the second period, there were no goals but this was not because of the game calming down but rather thanks to incredible defending and goalkeeping.

In the final period, Germany tried to turn the game around. A big opportunity – 1 against the goalkeeper – in shorthanded play seemed to be the start but instead turned into another Polish goal during their powerplay. To Germany’s distress, the referees blew off their goal due to slashing. Germany saw their chances diminish as time progressed and with 5 minutes left the team pulled out their goalkeeper in order to create a numerical advantage. A polish empty net goal followed which was the one thing Germany didn’t hope for.

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