Playoffs Switzerland: these two teams made it to the final

The Swiss NLA is getting close to its climax, as on Saturday, the final will be played. The gold will go to either GC Unihockey or Wiler-Ersigen.

In the playoff series, the Grasshoppers (GC) started of with a relatively easy 4-0 victory over HC Rychenberg. In the semifinals, Alligator Malans became a tough nut to crack. GC took the lead, but Malans tied (1-1). However, when the Grasshoppers won two games in a row, things started to look bad for the Alligators – but they too won twice in a row (3-3). The last game between the two was played yesterday, in which GC granted itself a ticket to the final by beating Alligator Malans for the fourth time (9-3).

Wiler-Ersigen against Floorball Köniz in one of the semifinal games (Fabian Trees/

Wiler-Ersigen, runner-up in the league after GC, put aside Uster in the quarterfinals (4-0) and basically did the same to Köniz, last year’s champion. The first two games were won, but the third was was lost in a close game, which ended in 4-5. With two victories for Wiler again, the team won the series 4-1 and is once again one of the finalists.

The final will be played on Saturday April 27 at 20:15 CET. The livestream will be posted later this week, so stay tuned.

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