Player of the year: Alexander Galante Carlström – ”I always want to deliver”

Photo: Per Wiklund

For the second time in a row, IBF Falun’s sniper Alexander Galante Carlström has been selected as player of the year in the Swedish Super League. He’s done the seemingly impossible and taken his goal scoring to a even higher level than before, and broke the previous record for most goals in a season.

To pick Galante Carlström as player of the year in the SSL is a choice few could argue against. He’s shown consistency on a high level like no one else, and became the league’s best point scorer both in the regular season and in the playoffs. The 28 year old has had several hat-trick shows and even stood for 6 goals vs Mullsjö early on in the season.

”I’ve delivered all the time, that’s what makes me so good. I score goals and points in almost every single game I play. And there are quite a lot of points too. It doesn’t matter if it’s the playoff finals or a usual league game, I always want to deliver. And I succeed in all sorts of games”, Galante says to the Swedish Floorball Federation’s website.

Alexander Galante Carlström
Age: 28
Club: IBF Falun
Points season 2016/17: 93 (68+25)
Points playoffs 2016/17: 22p (14+8)

Galante’s season highlights:

Video: Hat-trick vs FC Helsingborg

Video: Galante scores his 400th SSL goal

Article: Galante scores his 400th SSL goal

Video: Galante scores 6 goals vs Mullsjö AIS

Video: Galante scores 4 goals vs Karlstad

All nominated players:

#5 Alexander Galante Carlström
Emil Johansson
Kasper Hedlund
Mattias Samuelsson
Tobias Gustafsson

Previous winners:
2015/16: Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun
2014/17: Robin Nilsberth, Granlo BK
2013/14: Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
2012/13: Johan Samuelsson, Granlo BK
2011/12: Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
2010/11: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2009/10: Rickie Hyvärinen, Caperiotäby FC
2008/09: Fredrik Djurling, AIK IBF
2007/08: Magnus Svensson, Warberg IC
2006/07: Mathias Larsson, Warberg IC
2005/06: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2004/05: Peter Fischerström, AIK
2003/04: Johan Anderson, Jönköpings IK
2002/03: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2001/02: Johannes Gustafsson, Haninge IBK
2000/01: Mika Kohonen, Balrog IK
1999/00: Magnus Augustsson, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
1998/99: Martin Olofsson, Örnsköldsviks SK
1997/98: Niklas Jihde, Pixbo IK
1996/97: Stefan Mattsson, Sjöstad IF
1995/96: Mikael Ekelund, IBF NB 87
1994/95: Stefan Mattsson, Sjöstad IF
1993/94: Keijo Pollari, IBK Lockerud
1992/93: Conny Svensson, Balrog IK
1991/92: Klas Karlsson, Sjöstad IF
1990/91: Peter Ahnberg, Jönköpings IK
1989/90Christer Wettéus, KFUM Örebro
1988/89: Esa Karjalainen, IBK Lockerud
1987/88: Christer Olsson, KFUM Örebro
1986/87: Jens Pettersson, FK Luleå

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