Pixbo takes its first points of the season against ineffective Höllviken

Despite a comeback in the second period, Höllviken was unable to defeat a hard-working Pixbo Wallenstam and lost the game with 4-7.

There was no clear favorite for this game and that fact was visible at the start of the game. Both teams saw claims for the three points and played incredibly physical floorball in order to deny their opponent any goals. Ironically, this led to a couple of big chances as no less than three 2-minute penalties were given in the first half of the first period. Höllviken took a 2-minute penalty around the fifth-minute mark but halfway the penalty, the team took a second. However, Pixbo was unable to score and, to make matters worse, took a 2-minute penalty themselves. Höllviken, who just survived a 5 vs 3, showed Pixbo how to score and happily scored the 1-0. Max Wahlgren, Pixbo’s point leader from last season (34 goals, 18 assists in 32 games), equalized 10 minutes later.

In a mostly close game, it was Höllvikens running away with two quick goals in the second period for a 3-1 lead. For a moment it looked like Pixbo was going to easily take home three points, but Höllviken showed resilience and scored two rapid goals to equalize the score. However, Charlie Sköld, who just last year played in Sweden’s third highest division, scored the important 4th goal for Pixbo.

Although the home team of Höllvikens was able to even the score at the beginning of the last third, it was Pixbo to run away with the score and finalize the match with an empty net goal at 4-7. Höllvikens most reliable goal scorer from last season, Pontus Karlson (36 goals, 6 assists in 33 games), ended the game without any contribution to the scoreboard, which might have been one of the main reasons why they fell short this time around.

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