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Pixbo overtime winners after incredible 5-goal comeback vs Falun

Pixbo Wallenstam has completed an insane comeback against giants IBF Falun, defeating them 9-10. After being down 9-4, they scored 5 consecutive goals before closing out the game in overtime.

In the early stage of the game, Falun was the team in charge and was dominating the game with a high percentage of ball possession and a constant threat through their star players. The first goal came after 6 minutes when their captain Emil Johansson skillfully found the net. Halfway into the period, they’d extended their lead to 3-0, which became 4-1 before the period was over.

But Pixbo showed mental fortitude after the break and opened up with 2 quick goals, 1 of which from Axel Larson who had a great performance with his 3+2. But Pixbo wouldn’t get closer than 4-3 this time before Falun once again ran away and eventually scored 9-4 through Omar Aldeeb, 3 minutes into the third period.

Things weren’t looking bright for Pixbo, but their summer signing Gustav Fritzell begun their incredible comeback 4:25 by scoring 9-5. When Falun had 2 of their players on the penalty bench, the 5v3 advantage was utilized once again by Fritzell. Shortly after Adam Persson followed up with 9-7.

A timeout was called by Pixbo 16:12 – and no less than 6 seconds later Larson completed his hat-trick by scoring 9-8. With nothing to lose, Pixbo took out their goalkeeper Jon Hedlund to play with a man advantage. When Pixbo lost the ball and Falun could counter, Hedlund was quickly back into the net and could stop Rasmus Enström from scoring with a brilliant save, which turned out to be crucial as Östholm found the equalizer only seconds later.

A devastated Falun had to mentally reset heading into overtime. They started out good as they did in the very beginning of the game, but couldn’t find the net. Instead, Pixbo’s defender Jens Milesson could score the deciding game 3 minutes in with a well-placed shot that went to the lower, further end of the net. With an incredible comeback completed, Pixbo goes home from this game with 2 points, while a shocked Falun only gets 1.



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