7 December 2019
Swiss National League A

Piranha Chur wins Swiss championship after beating Dietlikon in final

In the Swiss Superfinal, the numbers 1 and 2 of the regular season met each other once more. After sixty minutes, Piranha Chur crowned itself as champions after beating UHC Dietlikon: 5-3.

On February 16, Piranha Chur lost its first and only match of the season – against Dietlikon! Today, Chur was motivated to take revenge, putting pressure on Dietlikon right away, which resulted in chances. Goalkeeper Monika Schmid kept her goal clean for a long time, but she had to capitulate after 8 minutes when Silja Eskelinen found the net. Chur continued pressing and shortly after, this resulted in 2-0 when Corin Rüttimann – 3rd best player of the world – scored. All of a sudden, In the last minute of the first period, Dietlikon got back into the game when a long ball reached Julia Suter: 2-1. However, right before the break, Piranha Chur scored 3-1 through Priska Von Rickenbach.

Directly at the start of the second period, Linda Pedrazzoli scored 3-2. The game got more equal, but in the second half of the period, Chur grew stronger again. This changed when Von Rickenbach got a 2-min penalty (the first ever in the Swiss women’s finals throughout the years), but Dietlikon failed to monetize its chances in powerplay. Right before the end of the second period, Michelle Wiki lost the ball and gave Katrin Zwinggi an enormous chance: 4-2.

The last period started off spectacular, as Suter scored again and decreased the gap to 4-3. Seconds later, Rüttimann scored her second after Dietlikon gave away the ball needlessly. In the final minutes, Dietlikon started playing all-or-nothing, but no more goals were scored and Piranha Chur became Swiss champions 2017/2018.

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