7 December 2019
AOFC cup

Philippines win bronze at AOFC cup

The bronze final at the AOFC cup is won by the Philippines. In overtime, they managed to score the winning goal against Korea: 5-6.

In the first period, Korea took the lead and despite a powerplay equalizer by the Philippines, Korea had the lead during the break as Young Jae Na scored 2-1. Halfway the game, Christian Schoultze put the Philippines next to Korea again, but right before the period was over, Korea’s Yong Tae Kim granted his team the lead once more.

The Philippines saved their best for last, as they scored no more than three goals in just a bit more than ten minutes. They had now taken a 3-5 lead, but Korea didn’t give up. Their hopes grew when at 57.30 Seung Hoon Baek scored 4-5. The team took its goalkeeper out and was rewarded with the equalizer, seven seconds before the game was over, by Eu Sung Lee.

The game slowly moved towards a penalty shootout, but after six minutes, Christian Schoultze assisted Ryan Hallden in powerplay. Hallden became the match winner by scoring 5-6, giving his team the bronze medal.

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