Patrik Rokka: ”I’ve been in touch with other clubs besides Dalen”

Photo: Per Wiklund

Yesterday it was confirmed that Dalen’s forward Patrik Rokka has signed for Zug United in Switzerland – an adventure his looking forward too.

What were the thoughts behind the move to Switzerland and Zug United?
The thoughts about Switzerland has been in my mind for a long time, as an adventure for personal development. I paid a visit to both Zug and Rychenberg and I went with Zug which I’m happy with.

Was it a tough choice to leave Dalen? Were you in touch with any other clubs?
It was a tough choice. I thrive in Umeå so I could’ve stayed, but it’s a good time in my life to do this adventure right now – and I’ve also been in touch with other clubs besides Dalen.

What are your personal goals for playing in Switzerland?
I want to come home as a better goal scorer but also learn new things about life and I feel I can do it in a country like Switzerland.

What can you say about your 2 years with IBK Dalen?
I’m very glad I chose Dalen 2 years ago. I’ve developed a lot during the time. Dalen has been a great organization to be in to develop as a player!

What is your best memory?
My best and worst memories is, of course, the playoffs. It’s been so much fun to play, but very unfortunate that we’ve lost in the quarterfinals.

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