Patrik Malmström: “It was a difficult decision because I only left SSL for one year”

Photo: Daniel Sannerholm

Patrik Malmström is back in the SSL. The feared sniper once led the charts and was the most productive player of the SSL in 2014. Last season he announced he would move down from playing in world’s highest league and transferred to the Allsvenskan. Now only one year later, the forward will make his comeback to the SSL. 

It’s been a year since you left the SSL to play in the Allsvenskan, and the reason was said to be a lack of motivation. Was this true and could you explain this a bit more in detail?
When I switched from Pixbo last year, I did not have the motivation to play at the highest level anymore and put down the time and effort required. I prioritized my civil career and wanted to play because I think it’s very fun. Then the choice fell on Lindås where I have many old teammates and because they are a very fun group.

How was it playing in the Allsvenskan with a new team? What role did you have in the team?
There was a difference to play in Allsvenskan instead of SSL, the teams are not as good and the game is very different. There is a lot more loose style of play in Allsvenskan, whereas SSL is more strict and stick to your system. I had a big role where I would be one of those who carried the team forward and score. At the same time, I will contribute a lot of routine that I have gathered over the years.

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It’s a bit late in the pre-season and you are one of the final players to have made their choice. Is it a fair conclusion to say it was a tough choice for you?
It was a difficult decision because I only left SSL for 1 year and the question I constantly asked myself was if wanted to play there again and put down the time required. But we are a lovely group in Lindås and have a good time together so it will be very fun and see how it’s going to happen to us next year.

Now news came out that you will return to the SSL. What are your personal goals for this season?
I have not set any special personal goals yet. I want things to go well for the team and myself, which means I’ll have to be even better than I was last year in Allsvenskan since I’m one of those players who will play the most.

The door to the SSL has been opened once again. Does this mean there is a chance to see you in the national team again?
I do not think we will see me in the national team again. I think I have had my years there. They probably prioritize younger guys in front of me right now. But you should never say never. If you’re playing well enough, why not.

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