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Overview: Tomorrow last round of the men’s SSL

Photo: Per Wiklund

Now it’s only one game remaining of the men’s SSL. The last round is being played on Saturday March 16th at 15.00 CET.

This is what the last round looks like.

15.00 – Lindås-Kalmarsund
15.00 – Sirius-Växjö
15.00 – Örebro-Jönköping
15.00 – Mullsjö-Pixbo Wallenstam
15.00 – Linköping-Falun
15.00 – Höllviken-Dalen
15.00 – Helsingborg-Storvreta


  1. Storvreta – 77 points
  2. Falun – 69 points
  3. Mullsjö – 61 points
  4. Linköping – 59 points
  5. Växjö – 53 points
  6. Pixbo Wallenstam – 53 points
  7. Dalen – 52 points
  8. Sirius – 50 points
  9. Jönköping – 48 points
  10. Kalmarsund – 44 points
  11. Höllviken – 32 points
  12. Helsingborg – 29 points
  13. Örebro – 16 points
  14. Lindås – 8 points

Top 4
We already know that Storvreta and Falun will end on the first and second spot. In the race for the third spot Mullsjö got the upper hand against Linköping. Linköping have to win against Falun and at the same time Mullsjö aren’t allowed to take more then 1 point when they face Pixbo in the last round. If Linköping win and Mullsjö take 1 point the third spot will be decided by goal difference. Before the last round Mullsjö have a 30+ goal difference and Linköping have a +28 goal difference.

Spots 5-7
Växjö, Pixbo and Dalen have almost the same amount of points. Växjö and Pixbo have 53 points and Dalen have 52. All the teams are already in the playoffs so those places aren’t super important since the top 4 teams get to choose their opponents. Växjö have a way better goal difference than Pixbo and Dalen with their +49 goal difference.

8th place and last spot in the playoffs
Sirius are in the front seat right now but they are chased by Jönköping. If Sirius lose against Växjö they will most likely lose their playoff spot since Jönköping are playing against Örebro that has nothing to play for. If Sirius makes it to the the playoffs it will be their first time there in six years. Also we will most likely look forward to a Uppsala derby between Sirius and Storvreta if Sirius make their way to the playoffs.

Spots 10-14
Kalmarsund will end on 10th place. They have done a good season for being a new team in the highest league of Sweden. Höllviken will be the best team in Skåne (the most southern district of Sweden) because they are 3 points ahead of Helsingborg and they have a better goal difference by 31 goals better than Skåne rivals Helsingborg. Örebro and Lindås will be demoted to Allsvenskan like we have known for a while now.

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