Overview of today’s and tomorrow’s WOMEN’s finals (incl streams!)

Earlier, we wrote about the men’s finals that will be played this weekend, and here’s a list of the women’s finals too!

12.15: KAIS Mora – IKSU (Sweden)
12.15: Classic – SB-Pro (Finland)
14.00: Vítkovice – Florbal Chodov / Stream 2 (Czech Republic)

12.00: Piranha Chur – UHC Dietlikon (Switzerland)

How to watch the streams
Nearly all streams will be free to watch, although you might need a VPN (which tricks the browser to think you are from one specific country)! We recommend PureVPN, which starts at $2.87 per month. With this, you should be able to watch the Finnish, Czech and Swiss finals. Sweden’s final can be seen by signing up at Cmore (with a free 2-week trial).

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