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Overview: Final day of Sweden-Finland Challenge – can Finland make the comeback?

The final day of the Sweden-Finland Challenge (Finnkampen) has arrived and today the decor of play will be Vantaa located in southern Finland in the Helsinki Sub-region. The first game will be played at 12:00 (CET) between the women teams while the men conclude the day at 15:00.

In case you’re still wondering “What is this so-called Sweden-Finland Challenge?”, make sure you have read our introduction on this amazing tournament.

Get yourself ready for a day of great floorball: the first 2 matches were great showcase matches for our sport. The Sweden-Finland Challenge opened with one of the most physical games in its history with a brawl including an insane comeback from 5-2. It ended in 6-6, but the extra point for penalties was taken by Sweden – giving the country a 2-1 lead (if you are not sure what we are talking about, we would again advice you to read our introductory piece on the tournament). On Thursday the women would battle it out, but this time the comeback wasn’t enough. Despite a 5-1 to 5-4 swing, the Finnish women just didn’t have the power to score that all-important last equalizer and had to grand 2 points to Sweden. However, the Finns struck back with penalties bringing the total score to 4-2.

It is clear what Finland has to do today. There are 6 points to be earned today and they need to take at least 4 points for a tie and more for a victory. Sweden can win the Challenge in the first game, if they manage to take all 3 points. If the Finnish girls want to do their boys a favor they win at least the first game, otherwise an almost impossible task awaits the gents.

Last question: will we see the return of David Gillek today?

Finland – Sweden (women): 12:00 FanSeat.com
Finland – Sweden (men): 15:00 FanSeat.com



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