Swiss National League A

Overtime decider in relegation game between WaSa and Kloten-Bülach Jets

Image: Erwin Keller/

The games for relegation in the Swiss NLA have started off and today the second match in the best-of-7 series has been played. Waldkirch-St. Gallen beat Kloten-Bülach Jets in overtime: 4-3.

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Usually, the home team has an advantage, but yesterday away team Kloten-Bülach won the game 3-6. After 35 minutes, the score even was 0-4. In today’s game, the home crowd got disappointed again. However, for a long time, it didn’t look bad at all for WaSa. The team took a 2-1 lead and at 54:03 they even increased it to 3-1. In the remaining minutes of the game, the Jets scored twice and equalized. The game went into overtime and Julian Alder became Kloten-Bülach’s hero by scoring the overtime winner.

The following game between the teams will be played on Wednesday. The winner of the best-of-7 series will prolong its stay in the NLA, while the loser moves on to round 2 of the playouts.

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