One round left of the SSL – Falun’s teeny tiny grip of first place


Falun bounced back after two difficult games and shipped three points from Höllviken to Falun via bus. Not physically, but Falun beat Höllviken with 3-10 and while the home team had already secured a new contract for the following season and didn’t seem too bothered by the loss, Falun seemed energised by the long awaited win. What about the three points Falun got, how are they helpful at the moment?

Well, truth to be told, they kind of aren’t. Falun’s teeny tiny grip of first place is in fact minuscule and looking at the table, you’ll understand why.

As you can see, Storvreta is still 3 points ahead of Falun with a total of 22 in goal difference which requires Falun to win their last game with, well a lot, while Storvreta would have to lose their last game with a similar volume, i.e. a bucket-load. Does that mean that Storvreta won the regular league? Technically no, but they will on the 10th of March after the 35th round has been played. *

What about the rest of the league, how did this round affect the table? Well Dalen won their game against Växjö with 5-4 and secured their spot in the playoffs, on 8th place. Sirius, Jönköping, Höllviken and Örebro were all sniffing the playoffs-line at different occasions but will have to settle with renewing their contracts while the playoffs will consist of the same teams as last year.

Results and standings:

Linköping IBK – IBF Örebro 5-2
FC Helsingborg – Team Thorengruppen 9-5
Höllvikens IBF – IBF Falun 3-10
IBK Dalen – Växjö Vipers 5-4
IK Sirius – Pixbo Wallenstam 9-6
AIK – Jönköpings IK 3-4
Mullsjö AIS – Storvreta IBK 13-8

Round 35.


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