One day left: design your own goalie suit with BLINDSAVE customizer

The past weeks we had a deal in which you could get 10% OFF of your brand new customized Blindsave goalie suit. The deal had already been extended due to success, but we’re getting close to the finalization. You got 1 days left, so better get your order fixed now!

FloorballToday went to visit the BLINDSAVE office looking for the best deal for the goalkeepers among their readers and came back with a stunning arrangement! Until 20 September all FloorballToday readers get a 10% OFF when they purchase their own customized goalkeeper suit!

Creating your own customized goalkeeper suit was never so easy

Goalies are very special. They play an important role in the team and they always want to look special and different. Goalies go far lengths to create a special look. Some airbrush their masks, some stitch their own suit and others go through the tedious process of coloring their suit. However, creating your own look was never easier with the BLINDSAVE customizer. So far it has been the only brand that offers such an option for floorball goalies.

Get 10% off at checkout! Only valid until 10 September so be quick!

How to take advantage of the offer?

  1. Visit the link
  2. Customize your own goalie suit
  3. Enter your details in the checkout page
  4. Enter code FT10 in the comment area <- Important
  5. You will receive an invoice with 10% off!

“Interest in custom made goalie suits is growing. BLINDSAVE have launched BLINDSAVE CUSTOMIZER two years ago and now we are selling ~ 300 custom made goalie suits a year. There are, for example, many TOP floorball clubs in Switzerland who orders goalie suits in their club colors, as well as a lot of individual goalies around the world, wants to make goalie suit of their own design,” Andis Blinds says, BLINDSAVE founder.

BLINDSAVE CUSTOMIZER is very friendly to customers – it’s very easy to use and takes only a couple of minutes to make your own design for goalie suit. Besides you can also order name and number printing on custom made goalie suit. It takes only 3 weeks to produce a custom-made goalie suit before it’s ready to be shipped. Not bad at all!

“I got inspired from ice-hockey goalies that can make custom made gloves and leg pads. I have always been looking at ice-hockey goalies and dreamt to have goalie suit of my own design. Now it is possible and I can see that people really love it. The amount of orders is increasing all the time”, A.Blinds.

If you want to make custom made goalie suit, just visit BLINDSAVE CUSTOMIZER online and make your own design for your goalie suit.

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