Ole Mossin Olesen: ”I think we are a better team”

When Norway took on Slovakia in the second last eighth final of the day, they barely defeated them 4-3. Next up is Switzerland on Friday, a game that Mossin Olesen think Norway have a fair chance in.

You’ve just defeated Slovakia in a really close game, what made the difference?
I think we are a better team, but obviously they stood up good against us today. They have an impressive fighting spirit, although I think we played our worst match in this tournament. I’m really disappointed in the first 2 periods, but the 3rd one was better.

Is there anyone in your team that stood out from the rest?
Jelsnes did a couple of good saves, together with Lindgjerdet, Straete and Gidske who I think did an approved match today. The rest of us didn’t do good enough.

No games tomorrow before you play Switzerland on Friday, what will be done instead?
I think we will have an rehab practice tomorrow, maybe some floorball, just a couple of exercises just to get a good feeling and perhaps make some changes in our game plan ahead of the Switzerland match, they play a lot different than Slovakia.

What are you going to have to improve before the next game?
If we can find the fighting spirit that Slovakia showed today, and that we had against Sweden and Latvia, I honestly think we have a fair chance of beating them. We have a lot of good players and we know how to play against them. Maybe we have (Ketil) Kronberg back as well, that will be exciting to see, so we’ll just take one day at a time, a resting day tomorrow and then hopefully a really good match against Switzerland on Friday.

When will we see your first zorro goal in this tournament?
That’s a good question. I had a couple of good chances yesterday but I didn’t manage to utilize them. Hopefully against Switzerland. Let’s say the game winning goal, that would be great!


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