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Notes and thoughts of the game between Sweden and Switzerland

Notes and thoughts of the most intense game of the WFC so far. Sweden took the last possible opportunity to take the finals ticket and secured it in the final moments.

Sweden – seemed invincible up until this match.  Played better when they had moved down from 3 lines to 2. Mikael Hill (coach Sweden) replaced Svahn with Adriansson and Enström with Kim Nilsson. This ‘powerline’ is scary stuff. The team lost their cool by the end of the third period and got in a lot of unnecessary ‘fights’. They retook their confidence and composure in overtime (props to Mikael Hill) but were not able to finish it.

Switzerland – played a very good game and threatened Sweden many times. They executed their game plan well and we can only hope more of this. It’s not only incredibly entertaining but definitely the way to beat Sweden. Hats off.

Storvreta – where Sweden’s first line really shone in the past games, this time the ‘Storvreta’ line with Alexander Rudd, Albin Sjögren and Robin Nilsberth stood out. It was a pleasure to watch and great to see Albin Sjögren getting accustomed to the national team and Alexander Rudd reaching his top level.

Matthias Hofbauer – how can he still play like that with the age of 37? It’s crazy when you think about it. He outran his opponents and won many duels.

David Jansson – you must feel bad for the Swiss coach. Once again, he got close but lost on basically a coin toss.

Pascal Meier – what a performance today. Over 90% saving percentage if you look at the statistics. 4 goals out of 41 shots is an insane ratio.

Laptop – the reason this article is late is that the game was too intense to pay attention to anything else.

Rasmus Enström – was left out from the 2 Swedish ‘powerlines’ but singlehandedly took his team to the finals. Legend.

Tomorrow – I feel it will be an interesting game tomorrow. There is no way that Sweden has more to show than what they put on the table today. Is it enough to defeat reigning champions Finland? We will see. Let’s hope tomorrow’s game will at least get half the intensity of this semifinals.

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