WFC 2018

Notes and thoughts of the game between Norway and Finland

Some notes and thoughts from the group stage game between Norway and Finland, a game which was quite easily won by Finland.

Norway – despite the team had everything to play for (2nd place group B was still up for grabs), it chose to reserve its energy for the playoffs ‘in-between’ round. It seemed it was never their intention to play to win.

Finland – the experienced squad played this game completely on routine. That they are able to do this says something about the chemistry between the players. Most of them are gold medalists of Riga 2016.

Kotilainen – despite some mid-game warming-up exercises, Finland’s head coach Petteri Nykky decided to keep the player on the bench for the whole game.

Kohonen – Kohonen’s line did extremely well against Norway (more than half the goals in this line) but the question now is how well they do against tougher opponents.

Untelling – there was not much to take from this game. Finland did what it had to do while Norway seemed already with their head in the playoffs. There is this feeling that Norway can do much better than they have shown against both Sweden and Finland. Switzerland or Czech Republic (we don’t know the group winner yet) will not have an easy opponent – that is, if Norway gets to the quarterfinals.

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