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Notes and thoughts of the WFC finals between Finland and Sweden

Notes and thoughts of the final game between Finland and Sweden.

Finland – they played with the right balance between collective composure and individual creativity. Their forwards today were phenomenal as well as their defense. Shut down the Swedish offense very well. It’s not impossible to shut down Sweden for 1 or 2 periods but they always seem to be able to move into an even higher gear. But it never happened and Finland scored a couple of goals and took the game.

Sweden – I thought they would be calmer and focused during this game. They started with a very bad first period. It was the first game in the tournament in which they didn’t score in the first period. It’s visible that they are not as confident as they used to be. They played nervously and allowed Finland to make them lose their cool in the second period. Their defense was shaky, even in ball possession. It was very uncharacteristic for the team.

Eero Kosonen – he should have had Alexander Rudd’s backhand shot but otherwise stood for an excellent performance. Had a couple of insane and impossible saves during the game. Alexander Galante Carlström’s worst nightmare, it seems.

Alexander Rudd – what a performance. He was by far the best player on the team but was responsible for the last conceded goal. He played with the creativity and opportunity that was needed to win this final.

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