Notes and thoughts of the game between Czech Republic and Switzerland

Photo: IFF

It’s time for the notes and thoughts after the game between Czech Republic and Switzerland. Czech Republic won the game 6-4.

Czech Republic – are way more in their element against this kind of opponent. They played with much more verve than in the previous two games. It also helped they were already qualified for the quarterfinals.

Switzerland – didn’t play to their full potential today. The team was sloppy and unfocused at times in defense and gave away way too many chances throughout the game and especially in the first period. Offensively, they had a hard time penetrating the Swiss defense in the final two periods.

Jan Zaugg – incredibly entertaining player. Love to see more of him through the tournament.

Matej Jendrisak – the Czech team captain REALLY needed that powerplay goal.

Adam Delong – if he continues to deliver like this, he may very well become the tournament MVP award. Mind you, he is only 22 years old and already has 10 points after 3 games.

Czech Republic (continued) – they REALLY needed a game like this.

Prague – tomorrow Prague is on schedule. Any places I should visit?

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