WFC 2016

Norway defeats Germany in overtime – German comeback not enough

Photo by Per Wiklund (

In the hunt for fifth place Norway showed resillience versus Germany and decided the game in overtime. Thanks to the overtime victory of 6-5  they’ll play Denmark for 5th place tomorrow.

Germany started off really well by scoring the opening goal. The first period both teams were a good match for each other. No goals were scored until the final minutes of p1, when Germany received a 5-min penalty at 15.19 (#17 Nihlen). Norway knew what it had to do: score – and they did! Not only once, but three times, which turned the score completely around: from 1-0 to 1-3. It seemed Norway could play a perfect period, but at 19.59 they also received a 5-min penalty!

The second period started thus with a powerplay for Germany, but unlike Norway they couldn’t take profit from it, despite any good chances. Denmark got a boost of defending the 5-vs-4 this well, but just five minutes later Germany lowered the score to 2-3. It were the goalies who stole the show, as this period only saw one goal, with 22 saves (combined) for the goalkeepers.

An important goal was scored by Denmark when Ketil Kronberg assisted Robin Norstrom for the 2-4 but Germany kept their trail close to Norway and reacted with the 3-4. Norway increased their lead once more to 3-5 but again Germany came back to the 4-5 and even equalized when Ramon Ibold scored his second goal of the day forcing the game into overtime.

In overtime Germany took charge and wanted to decide the game by playing agressively when in defence. However, it was Norway to score the golden goal when SSL star Ketil Kronberg assisted Thomas Straete and carved a new path in Norway’s road for 5th place.

Goals in time order:

1 – 009.5513. Axel Kuchno assistantGER M
1 – 1 pp.17.267. Lars Erik Torp3. Daniel GidskeNOR M
1 – 2 pp.17.5029. Markus Lindgjerdet18. Mads NormannNOR M
1 – 3 pp.18.4621. Thomas Straete7. Lars Erik TorpNOR M
2 – 329.5911. Niklas Broker6. Noah EhrenfriedGER M
2 – 448.2619. Robin Norstrom5. Ketil KronbergNOR M
3 – 453.2716. Ramon Ibold6. Noah EhrenfriedGER M
3 – 556.1329. Markus Lindgjerdet4. Sindre BjerknesNOR M
4 – 556.3459. Alexander Burmeister15. Tim BottcherGER M
5 – 557.2716. Ramon Ibold9. Benjamin BorthGER M
5 – 663.2121. Thomas Straete5. Ketil KronbergNOR M
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