WFC 2018

Norway beats Denmark and takes seventh spot in final WFC ranking: 5-9

Image: IFF

The seventh place in the final ranking of the WFC 2018 has been taken by Norway, after beating Denmark 5-9.

It might have been Ketil Kronberg’s last WFC ever, and he seemed to have focused on that. His energy helped him score twice in the first period already, helping his team to a 1-3 lead. The opening goal was scored by Ole Martin Jansson. In powerplay, Denmark had also found an opportunity to score its first goal, through Mikkel Skov Nielsen, who would be scoring a hattrick this game. The final goal of the first period was scored by Robin Perzan Norstrom, increasing Norway’s lead to 1-4.

Halfway the period, Denmark decreased the gap to 2-4, but Norway scored twice within a minute, through Patrick Hjemgard and Daniel Gidske: 2-6. Denmark didn’t panic and copied Norway’s move: they too scored twice, although a bit slower (within two minutes, instead of one). The score now was 4-6, but shortly before the last break, Norway scored 4-7 through Ludvik Hansen.

In the final period, Denmark again decreased the gap to two goals again. Lukas Eldholm scored 5-7, but Norway didn’t give away its lead completely. In the final minutes of the game, Gidske and Hjemgard both scored their second goal and secured Norway’s seventh place. Denmark ends up at eighth place in the final WFC 2018 ranking.

Goals in time order:

0 – 109.248. Ole Martin Jansson10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M
0 – 210.505. Ketil Kronbergno assistantNOR M
1 – 2 pp.12.5024. Mikkel Skov Nielsen8. Jesper Roland BucknerDEN M
1 – 317.175. Ketil Kronberg4. Sindre BjerknesNOR M
1 – 417.567. Robin Perzan Norstrom11. Andreas Naess ValbyeNOR M
2 – 429.4524. Mikkel Skov Nielsen17. Emil OdfeldtDEN M
2 – 532.0923. Patrick Hjemgard5. Ketil KronbergNOR M
2 – 633.043. Daniel Gidske10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M
3 – 634.0524. Mikkel Skov Nielsen19. Andreas KleczewskiDEN M
4 – 635.298. Jesper Roland Buckner14. Lukas EldholmDEN M
4 – 736.482. Ludvik Hansen11. Andreas Naess ValbyeNOR M
5 – 745.4614. Lukas Eldholm25. Jesper SchmidtDEN M
5 – 854.403. Daniel Gidske6. Christoffer OistadNOR M
5 – 957.2923. Patrick Hjemgard10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M


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