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Nomination: Player of the Year Candidate #4 – Emil Johansson

Every year the Swedish Floorball Federation selects a player of the year in the Swedish Super League. They’ve now announced their 4th candidate – IBF Falun’s Emil Johansson.

The man behind Rasmus Enström and Alexander Galante Carlström – many consider Emil Johansson to be the best defender in the world. The 24 year old combines great technique with smartness and a sharp shot. Johansson has been a given choice for the coaches of the Swedish national team the last years, and was a part of the lineup both in 2014’s and 16’s World Championships.

He’s the best scoring defender in Falun, and the team’s overall 3rd best (after Galante and Enström), with a total of 59 points scored in the regular season. 24 goals and 35 assists shows that he can both find his team mates and the net. He’s been a key player in the playoffs as well, scoring 19 points in 10 games (2nd best overall).

Last month he was featured in the ”Top 10 players in the world of 2016” list, and was ranked as 8th best in the world. Johansson is the 4th candidate of this year, and the 4th nominated defender as well! All previous candidates are playing the same position as him:

Previous candidates
#3 Kasper Hedlund
#2 Mattias Samuelsson
#1 Tobias Gustafsson


Previous winners:
2015/16: Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun
2014/17: Robin Nilsberth, Granlo BK
2013/14: Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
2012/13: Johan Samuelsson, Granlo BK
2011/12: Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
2010/11: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2009/10: Rickie Hyvärinen, Caperiotäby FC
2008/09: Fredrik Djurling, AIK IBF
2007/08: Magnus Svensson, Warberg IC
2006/07: Mathias Larsson, Warberg IC
2005/06: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2004/05: Peter Fischerström, AIK
2003/04: Johan Anderson, Jönköpings IK
2002/03: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2001/02: Johannes Gustafsson, Haninge IBK
2000/01: Mika Kohonen, Balrog IK
1999/00: Magnus Augustsson, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
1998/99: Martin Olofsson, Örnsköldsviks SK
1997/98: Niklas Jihde, Pixbo IK
1996/97: Stefan Mattsson, Sjöstad IF
1995/96: Mikael Ekelund, IBF NB 87
1994/95: Stefan Mattsson, Sjöstad IF
1993/94: Keijo Pollari, IBK Lockerud
1992/93: Conny Svensson, Balrog IK
1991/92: Klas Karlsson, Sjöstad IF
1990/91: Peter Ahnberg, Jönköpings IK
1989/90Christer Wettéus, KFUM Örebro
1988/89: Esa Karjalainen, IBK Lockerud
1987/88: Christer Olsson, KFUM Örebro
1986/87: Jens Pettersson, FK Luleå

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