No winner in cage fight Australia vs Singapore

In a breath taking neck-on-neck race Australia was not able to capitalize on the lead they had against Singapore during much of the game. The match ended in a tie after Singapore tied the score 75 seconds before time.

Australia started the game creating the bigger chances but it was Singapore to score the first goal. Australia quickly retaliated, however, and took not more than one minute to draw the score to 1-1. Neither team was left much room to combine and thus resorted to clashes in the middle and sides of the field. Australia had more ball possession than Singapore but was unable to really take advantage of it. However, the players could have a small moment of relief when Vanessa Dwyer scored the 2-1 goal.

The second period continued in the same fashion as the first and saw neither team dominating while Australia had the majority of ball possession. The 3-1 fell in the middle of the second period when a deflection by Amanda Bartrim meant another goal for Australia. The reducer, like before, didn’t take long to fall and Singapore was able to crawl back to 3-2.

A quick goal by Australia meant a 2-point gap at the start of the final period but the Australian women couldn’t celebrate for long. By the half-way mark, Singapore had already equalized the score and were now looking to score the 5-4 while Australia. In the following minutes Singapore created a couple of dangerous opportunities and an Australian time-out was called. When the ‘Aussies’ moved back to the field, they looked like an entirely different team altogether. Moments later, they scored the 5-4 and Singapore was looking at a gap they had to close. It seemed as if Australia would get away with it but Singapore miraculously equalized the score only one minute before time after pulling their goalkeeper for a 6 vs 5 powerplay.


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