Swedish Superligan

Nightmare start for Storvreta – defeated by Dalen in the SSL 2018/19 premiere

Photo: Per Wiklund

Reigning champions and gold medal favorites Storvreta IBK didn’t get the start they were hoping for. Instead, they saw themselves defeated on home ground by IBK Dalen, 6-10.

Already after the first period, the Uppsala team were down 1-4. Among the 4 goals scored, 2 of them came from Alexander Hedlund’s stick. The 1996-born forward would then go on to score another 2 before the game was over. A truly impressive performance from someone who only stood for 10 goals in total last season.

Despite the dream start in the 2nd period when Tobias Gustafsson found the net after 4 seconds, Dalen didn’t let them get any closer and replied with 2 quick goals by Hedlund.

After a poor opening to the final period, an irritated Storveta were down 4-9 and had their hot heated goalkeeper Viktor Klintsten sent off 2+10 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior.

They did, however, get a glimmer of hope when both 5-9 and 6-9 were scored with 5 minutes left on the clock. In a desperate attempt to get back on even ground they tried to play 6v5 with an open net but were punished by Dalen’s new signing Linus Holmgren who scored the last goal of the game, 6-10.


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