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Nico Salo chosen as Finland’s player of the year 2017

Photo: IFF

Finnish sport journalists have chosen their best floorball player of 2017, and for his first time, FC Helsingborg’s Nico Salo got the award.

23 year old Nico Salo transferred to the Swedish Super League and Mika Kohonen’s FC Helsingborg last summer after a least to say successful 2016/17 season where he became world champion with Finland, Finnish champions with SC Classic, and rated as the 5th best player in the world.

So far in his first SSL season he’s scored 15 points (5+10) in 21 games.

Previous winners
2016 – Peter Kotilainen
2015 – Eero Kosonen
2014 – Tatu Väänänen
2013 – Tatu Väänänen
2012 – Tatu Väänänen
2011 – Harri Forsten
2010 – Mika Kohonen
2009 – Juha Kivilehto
2008 – Rickie Hyvärinen
2007 – Juha Kivilehto

(Source: Pääkkallo)

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