New Zealand claims 15th spot by beating USA 6-2

Image: André Burri/IFF

In the battle for 15th spot, New Zealand beat the USA, who end up at last place. New Zealand took a 3-0 lead within the first period already and increased the score even further in the second period. The USA finally found the net halfway the game, but it was too late to scare New Zealand. The final score was 6-2.

Goals in time order:

1 – 001.1311. Camryn Johnson26. Isabelle EarleyNZL WU19
2 – 011.5019. Mia Solomon36. Maddie McLarenNZL WU19
3 – 015.4423. Olivia Knackstedt20. Manisha JeramNZL WU19
4 – 0 sh.24.1420. Manisha Jeram8. Nia EmrysNZL WU19
5 – 026.5322. Hannah Bertschinger19. Mia SolomonNZL WU19
5 – 131.5430. Vera Niskanenno assistantUSA WU19
5 – 232.0920. Moa Bjork15. Braedyn IrwinUSA WU19
6 – 2 en.58.5622. Hannah Bertschingerno assistantNZL WU19

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