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New overtime rule in Swedish Super League coming season

Photo: Per Wiklund

The Swedish Floorball Federation have announced on their website changes in the rules of the Swedish Super League – there will be no more draws in the regular season.

With a little over a month before season 2017/18 kicks off, a new rule has been announced. If the score is tied after 60 minutes of play (during regular season, not playoffs), the game will be taken to overtime, compared to previous seasons where it would just end in a draw.

Although it’s not just a regular overtime play. There will be 5 minutes of overtime, and it will be played 4 vs 4. If the 5 minutes of overtime passes without a goal, sudden death penalties will follow. The winning team will get 2 points, and the losing 1.

The new rule will be applied to both men’s and women’s league during season 2017/18, and will be evaluated by the Swedish Floorball Federation afterwards. The rule will only apply during the regular season. In playoffs the usual 10 minutes of sudden death and penalty shootout will be played instead.

The new rule in short:

-If the game ends in a draw after full time, 5 minutes of 4v4 overtime will follow.
– If no one scores during overtime, a sudden death penalty shootout is next.
-If a player is sent off on a penalty, the game will be played 4v3.
-If 2 players from a team are sent off, 5v3 will be played. When the first player sent off re-enters, 5v4 will be played until the next stoppage, then it will go back to 4v3.
-If a team has a 5v4 powerplay that continues into overtime, it’ll be played as 4v3.

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