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New face in Swedish lineup – Rasmus Sundstedt replaced

In the upcoming Sweden-Finland challenge, a debutante will play for the Swedes – 23 year old Carl-Kostov Bredberg, replacing HC Rychenberg’s Rasmus Sundstedt who couldn’t attend.

When Sweden announced their lineup for the Sweden-Finland challenge that will be held next week, no less than 25 players got a spot in the team. However when the established national team star Rasmus Sundstedt told Mikael Hill that he won’t be able to play, the coach decided to go for a new player instead.

IK Sirius IBK’s defender Carl Kostov-Bredberg has represented the Uppsala club throughout his entire SSL career, and scored 20 (8+12) points in his 27 games last season. Besides that he also has represented Sweden in the student-WFC in 2016.

Head coach Mikael Hill comments the debutante on Swedish Floorball Federation’s website:
”Calle has, in my eyes, been Sirius’ leading defender for several years and it’ll be exciting to see what he can contribute with on the international scene.”


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