WFC 2018

Mika Kohonen: “One game, one chance”

Image: IFF

One of the most experienced players of team Finland is Mika Kohonen. He didn’t get to play today, but his team did make it to the final after beating the Czech Republic. FloorballToday spoke with him.

What does this win mean for you personally?
Final game! It’s a chance to win the World Championships! The whole team fought really hard for each other. It’s a clear result, 7-2, I’m really proud of the team.

How was it to play against the Czech Republic in front of their home crowd?
I didn’t play today, but I think our team managed to shut it out and not think about it too much. We also have our own fans with us, who gave strength to us. It was a really mentally tough game, but we were tougher.

What is more important to you, defending gold or keeping gold away from your main rival Sweden?
It is never about defending gold… a very philosophical question! You have to win it, and we are here to do that! And it is not decided yet who we meet in the final, so let’s not think about it too much.

How do you see the chances for Switzerland tonight?
One game, one chance. The pressure is a little bit higher than usual. It should be 50/50, but I think it is more like 60/40 in Swedens’ favor, as the Swiss have played some really close games before. I’m really sorry for Manuel Engel that he’s not able to play for his country. You always want to have the best players represent their country, of course. It doesn’t help him right now, but Manuel will have many more World Cups to come.

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