Men’s U19 WFC Qualifications confirmed – Only five teams will qualify

Canada and Hungary during the U19 WFC 2017 (Image: Adam Troy)

At the beginning of September, the qualifications for the World Floorball U19 Championships (men) will be played. Only three teams from Europe and two from Asia or Oceania will qualify.

The U19 WFC has sixteen participants, but the tournament is split up in an A and B division. The A division consists of the following eight teams, with the world ranking written behind in brackets: Finland (1), Sweden (2), the Czech Republic (3), Switzerland (4), Latvia (5), Denmark (6), Slovakia (7) and Norway (9). The B division has Poland (8), Canada (14) and the USA (15) in it – and five more will follow.

From Europe, three teams will qualify, out of twelve. The countries are split up in EUR1 and EUR2. EUR1 will play in Moscow, Russia, while EUR2 plays its games in Bolzano, Italy. Here’s how the groups look like:

EUR1: Estonia (10), Slovenia (17), Spain (18), France (22), Belgium (23) and Russia (27)
EUR2: Germany (11), Hungary (13), Austria (19), Netherlands (20), Italy (24) and Great Britain (26)

The two winners of the group will qualify, together with the best second team overall. The games will be played between August 29 and September 2 (EUR2) and September 5-9 (EUR1).

In the AOFC, Australia (12), Japan (16) and New Zealand (no ranking yet) will compete for two spots in total. These games will be played September 27-29 2018.

Source: IFF

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