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Meet the organisation that brought floorball to African and South American street children

Normally you’ll find us writing about floorball news from the SSL, the Salibandyliiga, etc., but today we want to focus on Floorball4All, a charity organisation with a beautiful goal: Floorball – For all!

Floorball4All is a Swiss organisation officially called Unihockey für Strassenkinder (Floorball for street children). Their main goal is to build sustainable floorball projects, to have as many people playing floorball as possible. Floorball4All is currently active in (South) America (Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Haiti and more), Africa (Kenya, Malawi, Benin and more), Asia (Nepal, Laos and more) and Europe (Bosnia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Romania and more).

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Floorball4All strategy

Phase 1
Seed the floorball virus and get to know local, trustworthy partners.

Phase 2
Teach people how to become floorball trainers, coaches and referees. This happens during a one-week training in which the local project is visited.

Phase 3
Build up training sets and equipment, with enough sticks, jerseys, balls, blades and cones. It’s essential to have basic stuff like sticks and blades, but later on this set gets expanded to the so called ‘winner set’.

Phase 4
Independence: the new trainers and coaches can now take care of the project on their own. Floorball4All keeps in touch with the project and their people, but only for counselling, encouraging and motivating. The main target is the local project to be sustainable on their own, without any input from Floorball4All anymore – so they can focus on new projects. Find more information at their website or Facebook page!

We think initiatives like Floorball4All are what the world needs – that’s why we want to give them extra attention. Do you know any more of these organisations? Let us know!


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