Meet team Thailand – Only 2 years old but can they surprise? (WFC Team Intro)

On Friday, the WFC2017 (1-9 December) will start. The most prestigious tournament in the world will feature the best 16 floorball countries compete for the world championship. In the spotlights team Thailand!

What did the team’s journey to this WFC look like?
Every match that we played on our journey to the WFC was memorable because we are newbies to the world of Floorball. Our team only started playing Floorball back in 2015 for the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore, so to make it here as a very young and new team is a milestone in terms of achievement as is!

What are the team’s goals?
Our goal is to give each of our opposition teams the best fight. This is simply just the beginning of our journey in the world of Floorball, so our long-term goal is to do our best in every game as we’ve practiced, play smartly and cooperatively as a team and give the best fight possible in our first ever experience of the WFC.

What group stage match are you looking forward to most?
It’s impossible to single out a match that we are most looking forward to because all the teams that have made it to the WFC are equally superior. As it’s our first time participating in the WFC, every match counts. We will be playing each match as though it’s the final match – giving each and every game 100%!

What 3 players should the audience pay extra attention to – and why?
The selection process for the national team participating in the WFC has been extensively competitive, so all of our players on this WFC tournament are exceptional with their own skills. Most importantly, their individual skills and expertise complement the overall dynamics of the team as a whole. As a team sport, we believe that each and every player have their uniqueness in their very own ways, but what makes the Thai national team special is their ability to excel as a team!

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