WFC 2017

Meet team Norway – Can they surprise in their tough group? (WFC Team Intro)

Picture by Ville Vuorinen // IFF Flickr

In a couple of days, the WFC2017 (1-9 December) will start. The most prestigious tournament in the world will feature the best 16 floorball countries compete for the world championship. Today, in the spotlights: Norway!

What did the team’s journey to this WFC look like?
Our team has participated in in the 6 nations tournament in Nitra, Slovakia in November. This tournament has played an important role in our journey in many ways, hence the journey and development is the most important one.

What are the team’s goals?
The team is having their focus on development as players and as a team. We are striving to be able to intertwine the both with as much weight on physical, mental and social factors. We must continue to develop ourselves and as a team, today and into the future.

What group stage match are you looking forward to most?
All matches are equally important in a championship.

What 3 players should the audience pay extra attention to – and why?
Tone Einstulen, Karen Farnes and Thea Ekholt. They play in SSL.

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