21 September 2019
WFC 2016

Mattias Samuelsson: “It doesn’t take long before excitement transforms into focus”

Earlier today Sweden announced it’s 20-headed line-up for the upcoming WFC. Among the players is Storvreta’s defender Mattias Samuelsson. After the announcement we asked him a couple of questions.

Congratulations on making the selection. How does it feel?

Everything feels good! When you get the news that you are selected you are of course very excited but it doesn’t take long before it transforms into a focus. Then you just want the WFC to start already so you can play!

How is the feeling compared to the last edition?

It’s the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special. You always get an extra impulse when its WFC. I thought it would be a different feeling as last edition was in Sweden, but the feeling is actually the same.

You are the oldest player in the selection and this will be your 5th WFC. How does this troop compare to the one back in, let’s say, 2010?

I think floorball has evolved a lot since 2010 and the team is no exception. The players are just getting better and better.

During the last EFT Sweden won 3 out 3 matches. Are you satisfied with the results? And what was said after the tournament?

In a pre-WFC tournament the most important thing is to win games. But it’s also good that there are thing to improve, which there is. We are satisfied with the victories but we can definitely play better.

A final training camp in Visby lies ahead – what’s going to be the focus there?

We are going to have 2 practices a day so there will be 100% focus on floorball. We’re going to practice boxplay and powerplay, but also make sure the lines are comfortable with each other, which means playing together a lot. There are plenty of things to be done but there will also be plenty of time to do them.






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