20 September 2019
AOFC cup

Match schedule AOFC cup – Games Wednesday/Thursday

Thailand cheering

The group stage at the AOFC cup is over. Here’s what you can expect during the next days.

Note: the matches can be watched for free on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 10
Only two games on Wednesday: both (as there are only two) quarterfinals. #2 in each group faces #3 from the other group, so the games will see are Korea – Japan and Philippines – Malaysia. The winners move on to the semifinals, while the losers will play ranking games for spots 5-8.

14:30 LT = 08:30 CET | QF 1 Korea – Japan
17:30 LT = 11:30 CET | QF 2 Philippines – Malaysia

Thursday, July 11
On Thursday, we can see four games again. The day starts with the first ranking games for 5th-8th place. The losers of the QFs have played one game more than today’s opponent, and their resting time between the end of that game and the start of today’s has only been around seventeen hours. Will this be an advantage for Pakistan and India?

Later, the two semifinals will be played. Singapore won group B and now meets Philippines or Malaysia, while Korea has to battle Korea or Japan. The group winners have the double advantage of playing one game less and having one day of rest extra.

10:00 LT = 04:00 CET | 5th-8th:1 Pakistan vs. Loser QF1
13:00 LT = 07:00 CET | 5th-8th:2 India – Loser QF2
16:00 LT = 10:00 CET | SF 2 Singapore – Winner QF2
19:00 LT = 13:00 CET | SF 1 Thailand – Winner QF1

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