Masterclass: 5 Top Reasons Why Your Penalties Fail (+How to Solve Them)

You’re playing a tight game against a tough opponent. The score’s 6-6 and with less than 10 seconds to play, your team receives a penalty shot. A big opportunity to score and the whole team wants you to take it…  A big lump settles in your throat. The hall is completely silent as you set foot on the field. Focus now. You touch the ball once and you start up running towards towards the goal. When you enter the slot you quickly think about the move you are going to make, but… DANG! The goalies foot hits the ball and with the tail between your legs you start to make the ‘walk of shame’ back to your teammates. 

Granted, we’re not all Mika Kohonon. But why does this seem to happen all the time?! Here’s five reasons why, and how to improve on them!

#1 Form A Plan

Think in advance and create a plan about the move you want to do. Sure, you can always (in a split-second) decide you’re switching to a back-up penalty, but having an idea in mind gives you confidence and a safe plan to fall back on.


Take your time. Start slowly, maybe make a zigzag motion to try to bring the goalie out of his position. You want the goalie to get confused, not knowing anymore where his goal is located (exactly). Optionally, try a fake shot every now and then to really get to his nerves.


You have a reach of about two meters, making it relatively easy to move the ball around the goalkeeper. However, if you start your move too late, the goalie can (and WILL!) extend his legs, making it impossible for you to get past. Don’t. Start. Too. Late.


Practice! Taking penalties is not only a technical act but also a psychological. You can practice your moves on your own, but in the end just find a goalie willing to help you for a couple of minutes. Fake it until you make it!

#5 Keep it easy

The simplest performance is usually the best one. Online you’ll find crazy penalty shots, awesome airhooking goals and more, but most of the time the penalties turning in a goal are the easy ones. Try it!

BONUS: Mika Kohonen’s greatest penalties for a quick masterclass

Do you often take penalty shots? Or do you have any more advice for penalty shooters? Let us know!

(All penalty shots are from the IFF-channel and our own channel)

This article was originally published in 2017.

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