Martin Tokoš about The World Games: ‘I was in nomination, but I had to say no to the coaches’

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Czech forward Martin Tokoš is the first Czech player who won the Swedish Championships. After this big final, he had to choose a new team since his mission in Falun was done. After weeks of speculation, he chose to move to Chur Unihockey in the Swiss NLA. Chur ended up at 5th place last season. In the quarter finals of the playoffs, they lost the series to later finalist Alligator Malans (4-3). Next year they hope to be able to seriously compete for the title and Tokoš is a real boost. We expected his name in Czech line-up for the World games but ultimately he won’t appear there. Isn’t he good enough for the new coach or there another reason why he is not participating? 

You have had more offers to transfer but you chose Chur. Was any of them at least as interesting as the offer you accepted?
Yes, I had offers from Pixbo and Dalen in Sweden but the most interesting for me was to play in Chur.

Why was it more interesting for you than Pixbo or Dalen?
It’s a new challenge for me to try Swiss league and also to live a new life in a new country. I am really curious about it. Also, terms were great and I know that Switzerland is also a beautiful country, just like Sweden.

How do you prepare for the season?
I have my personal training plan which I’m doing at home during summer plus some summer tournaments here in Czech republic. We have a lot of them so everyone finds his own. In August, I am going to Switzerland where I will start preparing with the team.

How do you see your position in Chur?
I don’t know what to expect and I don’t want to talk about my position because I haven’t been there yet. Chur is a very good team and there are several new players but I will do my best.

What are your goals in Chur and Switzerland?
My goals are as always the highest, but it will be my first season in Switzerland so it’s hard to say. I believe the guys are prepared better than in the last season and we will go as far as possible. I always want to be a winner but priority is to play my best and help the team in a successful season.

Are there any teams or players you are looking forward to playing against?
Of course I am looking forward to playing against teams that have Czech players, it’s always fun to play against friends.

What do you think about Czech team nomination for World Games 2017?
I don’t know if I am the right person who can rate the line-up. It’s up to the coach who is new to this team and he has had only two events with us but we have feeling it can go really well, although it will be hard. I think the line-up is okay, there are some new players so we will see how it will go. Hopefully good…

Why aren’t you going to World games?
I booked my vacation in January. When I found out it’s on the same date it could not be canceled. I was in nomination but I had to say no to the coaches. I was disappointed, national representation is the best thing for a player and I have never refused it before, but they understood it.

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